Small-lot logistics from origin

Looking for efficient options to transport small lots of green beans from Central America to the USA? 

You have come to the right place.


About Us

Inspired by Farmers

Coffee Farmers Alliance started with three farmers, working together in the search for sustainable prices.

After successfully entering the specialty coffee market, we realized that most farmers face two main challenges when entering a direct-trade relationship. The first one is the lack of information regarding international commerce, which forces farmers to trial and error experiences. The second one is the challenge of transporting small lots when they have successfully completed a sale.

Trough time, we have developed a network of exporters and importers, who are helping us in facilitating the logistic challenge of transporting those beans in a cost-effective manner. 

That’s what we’re here for. To train farmers in what the international coffee business involves and to help them complete their sales cycle in an efficient way so more money goes to the farms instead of the transportation suppliers.

“Every link in the coffee chain has a reason for being there, and direct relationships are not only about cutting off links but about understanding the value that people add in an efficient chain.”

Stephany Dávila

Founder & Manager

Our values

don’t stop believing

People first

Make sure everyone is taken care because relationships are formed by people.

Sustainability as a verb

Live what we say.

Do Good

Business is meant to be used as a force for good. We keep it in mind on every move we make.


thanks for trusting in us

“Starting a direct relationship when you are a small roaster is not an easy task. CFA was very helpful in introducing me to a coffee farmer from Guatemala whose coffee is carried by a local importer. I am already selling this amazing coffee, and I’ll soon travel to meet the farmer. Couldn’t be more excited.”

Deborah Cesanelli

Roaster, DB Coffee Roasters, UK

“Working with CFA is one of the best things I could have done as a new-generation farmer. They guided me through every step from understanding tax, legal, and trading requirements in Guatemala to finding the import partners for the first CIF sale of the coffee from my family’s farm.”

Erick Chang

Farmer, San José La Unión, Guatemala

our partners

it feels good not to fly solo

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